Release 1.17.0

New BL Adapter Supported

The following Bluetooth adapter is now supported:

  • OBDLink MX+


Please note that this adapter has to be paired with your mobile device before it can be used by any app!


New BLE Adapter Supported

The following Bluetooth LE adapter is now supported:

  • Micro Mechanic

Background Run Supported

The app supports background data collection if at least one of the following conditions is covered:

  • Location access allowed

  • Usage of any BLE adapter

  • Usage of BL adapter OBDLink MX+


If the app is shifted to the background (by making or receiving a phone call or selecting another app) then the data collection keeps running, e. g. for fuel consumption. The background run is stopped in case the app is disconnected from the OBD adapter. When opened again the app will reconnect to an adapter within reach in case there is one.


Fixed: Vehicles without Speed/RPM Sensors

The app collects data from the speed and rpm sensor if connected to a vehicle. If the vehicle does not support these adapters then the app keeps collecting other data from the vehicle which are supported by all OBD-II compatible vehicles. So the app can read error codes on demand which did not work before for these vehicles.