The website collects and stores data which are transmitted by the browser:

  • Platform

  • Referrer

  • Browser name and version

  • Language

  • IP address

We do not use any cookies on our website.


iOS App OBD Evolution

The app collects and stores the VIN of your vehicle(s), if available. Additionally, it collects and stores the current location during a trip in case it is supported by the iOS device and the permission is granted.

If you use the app functionality Email to Support in the Settings menu then the following data are mailed to us:

  • Application version

  • Platform name and version

  • Application settings

  • Detailed data of all stored vehicles except the location

  • OBD2 communication

These data are used in order to analyze a potential problem you have with the app.

All data we collect are solely used by us in order to improve our products and services. We do not share data with any 3rd party.